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Project Description

Hi guys,

I have an idea to create a web-based application which helps to manage your favorite book lists.

_ The website will have log in/out and sign up functions.

_ After signing up and logging in, users can create their favorite book lists.

_ Then, each list will contain books in the same category.

_ Users can create/ edit/ delete their lists or books.


About the Database

_ The database shall include User table, List table, Book table, and List_Book table.

_ User table shall include: user_id(PK), email, password, last_name, first_name, phone, address

_ List table shall include: list_id(PK), user_id(Foreign key), lst_note

_ Book table shall include: book_id(PK), title, isbn, price, book_note

_ List_Book table shall include: list_book_id(PK), list_id(FK), book_id(FK)


I will create the database using GoDaddy hosting and let you guys know the details.

I will use Visual Studio to create a website with a few web-forms.

Hope you guys enjoy,

Brian Nguyen

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